Think of the consequences when there is any update to the algorithms of search engines. For example – the most popular Panda update. These updates are just like earthquake as they shake the ranking of a website upside down, and all your endeavor to boost the ranking goes in vain. Search engine updates are a great source of stress for the Web masters. Although these changes are unavoidable, and there is nothing you can do to prevent them for happening, but you can take a few steps to reduce the impact of these inevitable search engine algorithms.

Along with following white hat SEO techniques, you can take a few steps to lessen the effect of search engine algorithms. But, before we go further to discuss about them, let’s be on the same page that all traffic fluctuations are not the result of these updates. But, yes, these updates also impact the ranking of the search engines to much extent.

Let’s discuss here about a few stands that can help you:

Keep focus on your target keywords

Just like many online marketers, your too might aim high to rank more keywords to get massive traffic. It could be possible, but basically it is not necessary. You may thing that new keywords will enhance your traffic but it is not the case. The new keywords will dilute the relevancy of your current keywords. As a result, you may lose some of the traffic you already have. So, be ready to bear the consequences of using new keywords if results turn out to be unsatisfactory.

Start optimizing long tail keywords

Web masters generally avoid using long tail keywords as they do not bring as much traffic as their more lucrative counterparts. But, long tail keywords are less susceptible to changes in algorithms. The traffic of these keywords fluctuate less because there is less competition. If you have skipped long tail keyword in your SEO strategies, start optimizing them as soon as possible.

Update fresh content on routine basis

Fresh content is just like fresh energy. It does bring quality traffic to a website. So, make it a habit of posting at least a new content a week or even a month. It is always recommended to post content regularly in parts rather than posting in bulk after a longer duration.

Fetch backlinks from quality websites only

Gone are the days when any backlink was good. Now, links from bad or irrelevant websites can harm your online presence. So, it is important to get backlinks from high ranking sites. As these sites do not lose rankings easily, they will help in your own ranking to fluctuate less. You can keep check on the bad links by using tools. If you come across any such link, you can contact the Web master of the site to get it removed.

If you don’t want to experience the negative impact of search engines algorithms, you need to be proactive in your approach and follow the steps listed above. Though it’s a fact even if you do so, you are not fully secured from the updates, but you will have satisfaction you did your best to minimize the effect.