We live in an E-age.

From E-shopping to e-trading and eventually e-living, that’s the ‘e-ra’ we live in. You may choose existing readymade e-commerce packages that are available on the net but in this day and age of customization and personalization, why not customize an e-commerce package for your business?

That is the basic difference between a cup-a-noodles and homemade hokkien! We tailor make an e-commerce package that suits your individual needs, preference and style. We can make it happen by the click of a key!

Our E-commerce solutions include encrypted payment set ups, user interface, supply chain management, inventory management, automated data collection and much, much more. E-commerce is the smartest way to run an online trading set up. It is cost effective as it reduces labour charges, paperwork formalities (saves trees, obviously) and allows you to expand your business in the global market. By doing this, we create an online market for you that is ever changing, dynamic and it creates a strong online presence for your business.

Contact us to customize an E-Commerce package for YOU!