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A Little About Pichuda

Pichuda (you can call her Pich) is a full time qualified, professional, fitness and vitality trainer living and training in central Auckland, New Zealand. She trains people from all walks of life with varying health and fitness needs, whether it be in the gym, in their homes and online. Her highly focused approach to her own training in preparing for Beauty Fitness events and Bodybuilding competitions carries through to getting all her clients inspiring results in regaining their health and vitality, attaining fitness, fat loss and simply getting rid of a few unwanted kilos. Using a combination of the latest fitness science together with proven methods of motivation, encouragement and discipline, Pich includes functional movement, high intensity interval training, strength development, range of motion and flexibility and recovery techniques. Nutrition schedules and advice are part of the service.

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About Pichuda

People often ask me “why I should engage a personal coach/trainer?” and “what should I look for in a personal coach/trainer?”

Here’s a quick video to help answer those questions. Pichuda is a qualified, professional personal trainer and she lives and breathes what she preaches. She is an advocate of Ancestral Health and Nutrition, Functional Fitness and firmly believes that, by making a holistic mind shift toward our health, fitness and wellbeing, we can add quality years to our lives and lead a more productive, vibrant lifestyle and that is a key part of what Pich does everyday with her clients.

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