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People often ask me “why I should engage a personal coach/trainer?” and “what should I look for in a personal coach/trainer?”

Here’s a quick video to help answer those questions. Pichuda is a qualified, professional personal trainer and she lives and breathes what she preaches. She is an advocate of Ancestral Health and Nutrition, Functional Fitness and firmly believes that, by making a holistic mind shift toward our health, fitness and wellbeing, we can add quality years to our lives and lead a more productive, vibrant lifestyle and that is a key part of what Pich does everyday with her clients.

When not busy helping clients achieve their goals in building healthier, fitter, stronger, more energised, better versions of themselves, in her spare time Pich is a competitive natural bodybuilder and recently very proudly represented NZ in the INBA Natural Olympia in the US where she gained 3rd in the world for her division.

Pichuda (you can call her Pich)

She is extremely driven to be the best of who she can be and believes her biggest competition is herself and constantly strives to better her last result, rising up to the challenge placed before her and Pich applies this philosophy and approach to help all her clients achieve the same.

Pich has an accumulative total of over 9 years experience in fitness, and has a wide knowledge base in the area of building, toning, conditioning and shaping the body.

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