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The Pich Quick Fit are quick easy yet very effective workouts I have designed especially for busy people like you. They are easily adapted to the gym, home or wherever you want to workout and, most of the time, can be done either without any equipment or everyday items found at home. To see a quick video of the WOD just click on the

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Get into Shape, Now!

PICHPT Services Offered

Personal Training

Work 1:1 with Pich either at the gym, at home or on line. Sessions are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. 2 or more times per week depending on your needs.

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Fat Loss Package

12 week plan to lose unwanted body fat and kilos and gain lean muscle. Includes 2×1:1 sessions per week, an easy to follow personalized nutrition plan. Daily workout programs to use at home or the gym. Weekly progress and indicator checkups.

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Online Training

Pich can provide you with online access to your own fitness portal which includes daily workouts, video, nutrition advice and accountability. Skype sessions are also available.

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Strength and Conditioning Package

Pich’s no nonsense 24 week program guaranteed to seriously increase your functional strength and fitness. Gain muscle, get ripped and build the body you can be proud of.

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Bodybuilding Prep Package

Pich is an internationally award winning bodybuilder who currently competes and provides programs for novice and experienced bodybuilders. Everything ranging from competition preparation, nutrition, stage presence and posing.

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Free Nutrition Reset Guide

Your relationship with food has a massive impact on achieving optimum health and vitality. Nutrition Plans include ketogenic, HFLC and Vegan to best suit your objectives will be personalised to you.

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All kinds of Planks

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